Gwen Graham (FL Governor: )

Direct quote from Gwen Graham

“I am absolutely opposed to bear hunting in Florida. In 2012, Florida Black Bears were removed as a state-designated threatened species, which I believe was the wrong decision. As governor, I will direct my administration to reverse this policy and redesignate the Florida Black Bears a state-designated threatened species to protect them from hunting.”


FL House of Representatives Matt Caldwell (FL Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services: )

Miami-Dade & other South FL areas


Former State Attorney Jason Pizzo (Florida State Senate District 38: Miami-Dade & other South FL areas)

As a major role player in ARM's (Animal Recovery Mission) investigations over the years, Jason Pizzo's dedication and diligence has allowed for the rescue of countless animals and the prosecution of many animal cruelty offenders. Pizzo is genuine, kind and works extremely hard for what he believes his community deserves. In just under 5 years, he prosecuted over 35 jury trials to verdict, lead a newly formed unit investigating cold cases throughout Miami-Dade, and successfully focused on crimes involving exploitation of the elderly, animal cruelty and violent crimes.




Dr. Linda Jack (Florida House District 36: Pasco)



Dr. Linda Jack is a veterinarian, animal advocate and environmental advocate and has our strong support.

Per Linda Jack:

Growing up, my father was an Air Force officer and my mother was an elementary school teacher. Even though I lost them at a young age, they taught me a lesson I have carried with me throughout my entire life: In order for a community to thrive and flourish, we must all demonstrate a commitment to helping each other, particularly the most vulnerable among us.

For a long time, I haven’t seen that same commitment to service from the folks in Tallahassee who are supposed to represent us. I’ve seen politicians selling out our children in exchange for campaign checks. I’ve seen massive handouts given to those with the right connections instead of those who really need a hand up. I’ve seen polluters destroy our beautiful environment. It’s wrong, it’s wasteful, and it needs to end.

Once I’m elected, you can be sure that I’m going prioritize doing what’s right over rewarding the Tallahassee elite.