Hillsborough County Commissioner Ken Hagen (Hillsborough County Commissioner District 2 (north county))

Hagan, 50, is a pro-business conservative who has emerged as a leading voice on the board. Though associated most recently with the efforts to build the Tampa Bay Rays a new stadium in Tampa, Hagan has spent much of his time looking to improve the quality of county services. He is a strong supporter of parks and youth programs, and he has grown into a proponent for cooperative efforts at the regional level. He is a strong animal welfare proponent.



Commissioner at Large Carol Whitmore (Commissioner at Large)

Carol Whitmore has demonstrated her committment to the doctrine of no kill shelters and no more homeless pets. She has been an outspoken advocate for animal welfare at commission meetings.

Nassau County


Aaron Bell (Commissioner, District 2)


Dawn Hagel (Commissioner District 2)



Katrina Shadix (Commissioner District 2)


Environmental Conservation

I'm a lifelong environmentalist and a 30-year activist. I led the charge in the 2016 cleanup of Lake Jesup, fixing the Midway flooding problem, and, most importantly, the fight to uphold the 2004 Rural Boundary Line.

I am currently a member or leader of five different environmental groups including:

  • The International Bear Association

  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Bear Technical Assistance Group

  • The Director of Bear Warriors United

  • On the board of directors at the Foundation for Florida Environmental Protection

  • Legislative Advocate at Animals and the Environment